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The Conduct of the War by Sea: speech to the House of Commons, 1915

In First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. I

Read by Ruth Golding

Winston S. Churchill

This collection of non-fiction and fiction, with its companion poetry collection, commemorates the outbreak of the First World War on 28th J…

Chapter III

In Windsor Castle, Book 6

Read by Ruth Golding

William Harrison Ainsworth

Book 6 - Jane Seymour. The focus of the novels is on the events surrounding Henry VIII's replacing Catherine of Aragon with Anne Boleyn as …

How to Make a Man of Consequence - Read by RG

In How to Make a Man of Consequence

Read by Ruth Golding

Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon had a natural talent for journalism and the stage, and, at twenty-six, retired from less congenial business to devote himself to …

The Force Of Argument

In The Bab Ballads (version 2)

Read by Ruth Golding

W. S. Gilbert

The Bab Ballads are a collection of light verse by W. S. Gilbert, illustrated with his own comic drawings. Gilbert wrote the Ballads before …


In Criminal Investigation: a Practical Handbook for Magistrates, Police Officers a…

Read by Ruth Golding

Hans Gross

Reputedly inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories, Austrian criminal jurist and examining magistrate Hans Gross wrote the first handbook on …

Ch.14 - Home and Abroad: Linden, Camphor, Beech

In Among the Trees at Elmridge

Read by Ruth Golding

Ella Rodman Church

"On that bright spring afternoon when three happy, interested children went off to the woods with their governess to take their first l…

Barons and Knights in the Great Charter Pt. 2

In Magna Carta Commemoration Essays

Read by Ruth Golding

John Horace Round

On 15th June 1215 the Magna Carta was sealed under oath by King John at Runnymede, on the bank of the River Thames near Windsor, England. 20…

Romance - Read by RG

In Romance

Read by Ruth Golding

Andrew Lang

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 readings of Romance by Andrew Lang, probably best known as Edward Elgar's song My Love Dwelt in a Northern …

Red Maples - Read by RG

In Red Maples

Read by Ruth Golding

Sara Teasdale

Each week a poem is chosen to be recorded by as many LibriVox volunteers as possible! Thank you to RuthieG for the suggestion.

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