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Peter Pan (version 4)

Read by Patrick Saville

J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn't grow up, steals Wendy and her brothers away to a magical world called the Neverland. They come face to face …

The Story of Napoleon

Read by Patrick Saville

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

This book gives an exciting account of Napoleon's rise to power. It opens with his humble beginning on the island of Corsica and ultimately …

Tor, A Street Boy of Jerusalem

Read by Patrick Saville

Florence Morse Kingsley

Tor is a young beggar living in the city of Jerusalem during the tumultuous time of the Roman occupation. Shouts of hope are the last thing …


In The Lives of the Ancient Philosophers

Read by Patrick Saville

François Fénelon

François Fénelon became a priest in 1675, Archbishop of Paris in 1679, was spiritual advisor to Madame Guyon, and was appointe…

The Snow Queen, part 1

In Faery Tales from Hans Christian Andersen

Read by Patrick Saville

Hans Christian Andersen

This is a 1910 edition of the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. This volume is nicely mixed, containing both the most famous tales as …

Fairer than a Fairy

In The Old Old Fairy Tales

Read by Patrick Saville

Laura Valentine

"Once upon a time a king had an extreme passion for silkworms..." So begins one story in this unusual collection. Here you may als…

The Two Princes

In Cossack Fairy Tales

Read by Patrick Saville

Robert Nisbet Bain

This is a volume of fairy tales and folk tales from the Cossack people, compiled and translated by Robert Nisbet Bain. The tales are special…


In The Cloister and the Hearth (version 2)

Read by Patrick Saville

Charles Reade

Set in the 15th century, the Cloister and the Hearth is a story Gerald Eliassoen, a young scribe and illuminator, who travels through seven …

The Flood in Pine-Tree Gulch from 'Tales of Daring and Danger'

In Tales from the Works of G.A.Henty

Read by Patrick Saville

G. A. Henty

George Alfred Henty was an English newspaper correspondent who became a prolific author of, predominantly, adventure stories for boys. Most …