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Hilaire Belloc, French by birth, British by naturalization, was a diverse and prolific writer of the early 20th century. His writing runs the range from poetry, political writings and children’s stories. He was a close friend, and sometimes collaborator with fellow Catholic G.K. Chesterton.
This book is a collection of essays and other short writings on a vast array of subjects ranging from observations on Bad Verse and Mumbo-Jumbo to Sailing the Seas and Hatred of Numbers. - Summary by Larry Wilson (6 hr 10 min)


On Achmet Boulee Bey 10:05 Read by Kingsnake
On an Educational Reform 15:56 Read by Paul Harvey
On Kind Hearts Being More Than Coronets 12:33 Read by Anamika
On Mumbo-Jumbo 14:29 Read by Larry Wilson
On Footnotes 12:52 Read by Owlivia
A Few Kind Words to Mammon 12:53 Read by Devorah Allen
On Treves 10:36 Read by Peter S. Chong
On the Cathedral of Seville and ''The Misanthrope'' 14:24 Read by Aubrie Kinser
On the ''Bucolics" of Virgil, A Cafe in Paris, The Length of Essays, Phoebus, … 9:49 Read by Aubrie Kinser
On Titles 12:18 Read by Arden
On Bad Verse 12:25 Read by Devorah Allen
The United Poets 10:44 Read by Arden
On Convincing People 13:50 Read by TheIntern356
On Controversy 12:21 Read by Anamika
On Inaccuracy 10:22 Read by Phil Schempf
On Technical Words 9:49 Read by Anamika
On the Accursed Climate 11:39 Read by Paul Harvey
On Accent 13:50 Read by Joanna Schreck
On Truth and the Admiralty 8:02 Read by KHurst
A Short Adventure 15:11 Read by Joanna Schreck
On Sailing The Seas 19:59 Read by czandra
Off Exmouth 8:06 Read by Phil Schempf
On a Piece of Rope 9:36 Read by Owlivia
Ultimo Ratio 10:17 Read by Stacy Dugan-Wilcox
On a Tag Provider 15:49 Read by A D Latheron
On ''And'' 13:43 Read by Owlivia
The Cad's Encyclopaedia 10:59 Read by Arden
On the Melting of the Ice 7:49 Read by KHurst
On the Hatred of Numbers 20:59 Read by Wolfgang Bas
On the Last Infirmity 9:25 Read by Larry Wilson