The Old Adam

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(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

Edward Henry Machin, whose rise from humble beginnings to prosperity was told in 'The Card', leads a comfortable life in the English Midlands 'Five Towns'. Yet when he unexpectedly gains three hundred and forty-one pounds in a speculation on rubber shares, he realises that he doesn't 'feel so jolly, after all'. After a visit to the local music hall, he decides that a change is in order. He takes the morning train to London, where adventures in the theatrical world await. 'The Old Adam' was also published under the title, 'The Regent'. (Phil Benson) (9 hr 19 min)


Chapter 1 55:54 Read by Phil Benson
Chapter 2 50:26 Read by Phil Benson
Chapter 3 59:28 Read by Algy Pug
Chapter 4 43:33 Read by Greg Lewin
Chapter 5 54:59 Read by VfkaBT
Chapter 6 1:00:24 Read by Phil Benson
Chapter 7 1:01:45 Read by Kathleen Moore
Chapter 8 1:05:59 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter 9 57:30 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter 10 49:26 Read by Kathleen Moore


(5 stars)

The book, and everything by Arnold Bennett, are always great. The readers range from great to not great in this collaborative work. I love the story though.


(5 stars)

Arnold Bennet's novels are always worth listening to.