Captain Bayley's Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California

Read by Rachel

(4.6 stars; 99 reviews)

When young Frank is falsely accused of a crime, he leaves England to seek adventure in America. He joins a wagon train heading west to the California gold fields, but as he is soon to find out, the West is more than just adventure! Braving Indians, wolves, and other dangers, Frank is determined to strike it rich - and perhaps someday clear his name and return home. - Summary by Rachel (9 hr 2 min)


Westminster! Westminster! 23:21 Read by Rachel
A Cold Swim 24:40 Read by Rachel
A Crippled Boy 22:04 Read by Rachel
An Adopted Child 23:09 Read by Rachel
A Terrible Accusation 23:49 Read by Rachel
At New Orleans 20:32 Read by Rachel
On the Mississippi 28:40 Read by Rachel
Starting for the West 38:57 Read by Rachel
On the Plains 27:54 Read by Rachel
A Buffalo Story 17:57 Read by Rachel
How Dick Lost His Scalp 28:00 Read by Rachel
The Attack on the Caravan 25:02 Read by Rachel
At the Gold-Fields 21:47 Read by Rachel
Captain Bayley 23:07 Read by Rachel
The Missing Heir 22:07 Read by Rachel
John Holl, Dust Contractor 25:19 Read by Rachel
The Lonely Diggers 29:47 Read by Rachel
A Dream Verified 26:08 Read by Rachel
Striking it Rich 24:37 Read by Rachel
A Message from Abroad 26:42 Read by Rachel
Happy Meetings 20:23 Read by Rachel
Cleared at Last 18:09 Read by Rachel


Great book for hi-adventure lovers

(5 stars)

G. A. Henty is one of my favorite authors and this is one of his best books. The reader is very easy to understand and has a pleasant voice.

Fantastic Reading!

(5 stars)

A great job with voices, as well as reading speed.

England to California

(4 stars)

Starts slow but builds in depth to a broad tale. Interesting perspectives of British life and trail across US. Daily realities of living in gold rush era. Young Rachel was amazingly good reading.

(5 stars)

one of my favorite Henty books and the readers were excellent

loved the story and the young reader did an admirable job!

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

great story, very well read by rachel

great book but a very slow start.

(5 stars)

a veru good story and thourely enjoyed

(5 stars)