At Agincourt - White Hoods of Paris

Read by Mike Harris

(4.7 stars; 143 reviews)

The story begins in a grim feudal castle in Normandie. The times were troublous, and soon the king compelled Lady Margaret de Villeroy, with her children, to go to Paris as hostages. Guy Aylmer went with her.

Paris was turbulent. Soon the guild of the butchers, adopting white hoods as their uniform, seized the city, and besieged the house where our hero and his charges lived. After desperate fighting, the white hoods were beaten and our hero and his charges escaped from the city, and from France. (Summary from the original back cover) (10 hr 13 min)


00 - Introduction 1:57 Read by Mike Harris
01 - A Feudal Castle 34:48 Read by Mike Harris
02 - Troubles in France 30:13 Read by Mike Harris
03 - A Siege 31:14 Read by Mike Harris
04 - A Fatal Accident 33:58 Read by Mike Harris
05 - Hostages 31:05 Read by Mike Harris
06 - In Paris 30:48 Read by Mike Harris
07 - In the Streets of Paris 27:48 Read by Mike Harris
08 - A Riot 26:32 Read by Mike Harris
09 - A Stout Defense 28:46 Read by Mike Harris
10 - After the Fray 28:29 Read by Mike Harris
11 - Danger Threatened 28:13 Read by Mike Harris
12 - In Hiding 31:44 Read by Mike Harris
13 - The Masters of Paris 29:51 Read by Mike Harris
14 - Planning Massacre 28:31 Read by Mike Harris
15 - A Rescue 28:38 Read by Mike Harris
16 - The Escape 31:24 Read by Mike Harris
17 - A Long Pause 28:56 Read by Mike Harris
18 - Katarina 28:54 Read by Mike Harris
19 - Agincourt 29:39 Read by Mike Harris
20 - Penshurst 41:58 Read by Mike Harris


Good History

(4.5 stars)

Henty's style gives an in-depth look at individual lives of prople as well as furnishing good historical background. The reader is well-voiced and always readily understandable.

(5 stars)

The story was interesting and held my attention to the very end. The narrator did an superb job throughout the chapters of the book.

(5 stars)

Really well written and magnificently narrated by Mike Harris again....really brings G A Henty to life! Thanks so much

Good Book, Decent Reader

(5 stars)

Pretty good book, a little fast paced, but keeps you interested throughout the story. One reader which is great! Some odd sounds during the reading, birds maybe? but overall good story telling by the reader.


(5 stars)

Well written tale. Very well read.

Another great Henty Story

(5 stars)

It was nice to hear a story intermixed with the going’s on in Paris during the Burgundian/Orleanist conflicts. Henty did a great job portraying the feel of the city and the capriciousness of the mob and of the nobles. These two elements of society were more alike than either would have accepted.


(5 stars)

Fantastic tale. Well read and thoroughly enjoyable

Exciting story

(5 stars)

Lord Villaroy's castle sits on the border between France and England. While technically at peace, the peace is quite tense, and on the verge of becoming an outright war. Villaroy's castle is attacked by an informal French force. Severely beaten, they return to France and report negatively on Villaroy, who is then ordered by France to either submit to a garrison being left at his castle, or to allow his wife and children to become 'guests' of Paris as a symbol of his loyalty. Little do the ruling classes of France realize that soon they will be in the midst of civil war, nobles against working class, with Lady Villaroy and her children trapped in Paris. How will they flee when they are viewed as English spies? I can't say enough wonderful things about the reader; his mellow voice lends well to the writings of Henty. Enjoy!