Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.5 stars; 155 reviews)

The US Government is very smartly letting Tom Swift Jr. handle the recovery of its probe to Jupiter. But a mystery missile suddenly intercepts the probe and splashes it in the South Atlantic.

Faced with a huge search task to find the probe on the ocean bottom, Tom soon realizes that the same shadowy group that attacked the probe is competing to find it, and no holds are barred: kidnap, coercion, and lethal force are all in play.

Under such circumstances, what can Tom do? What he does every time, of course! He invents some utterly cool device to get the job done! And his Electronic Hydrolung is just the beginning! (3 hr 44 min)


01 - Pirate Missile 11:12 Read by Mark F. Smith
02 - Undersea Survey 15:01 Read by Mark F. Smith
03 - Invisible Sub 10:04 Read by Mark F. Smith
04 - Aerial Attack 12:42 Read by Mark F. Smith
05 - A Hunch Pays Off 8:25 Read by Mark F. Smith
06 - The Caisson Clue 10:42 Read by Mark F. Smith
07 - Porpoise Tag 9:42 Read by Mark F. Smith
08 - Date Trouble 10:52 Read by Mark F. Smith
09 - A Magnetic Kidnapping 11:49 Read by Mark F. Smith
10 - Telephone Code 12:03 Read by Mark F. Smith
11 - A Square-Dance Hoax 12:02 Read by Mark F. Smith
12 - Detection Test 11:34 Read by Mark F. Smith
13 - Enemy Frogmen 13:08 Read by Mark F. Smith
14 - A Propaganda Blitz 13:52 Read by Mark F. Smith
15 - Mountain Hike 10:32 Read by Mark F. Smith
16 - The Gunmen's Surprise 9:36 Read by Mark F. Smith
17 - A Missing Amulet 13:21 Read by Mark F. Smith
18 - Smiley, the Sea Cow 11:12 Read by Mark F. Smith
19 - Flash From the Depths 8:59 Read by Mark F. Smith
20 - A Lucky Blast 8:11 Read by Mark F. Smith


Another Swift Adventure

(5 stars)

These are such light and fun reading; I enjoy them immensely. Tom is helping the government again, this time to retrieve a rocket. Only his enemies are trying to beat him to it! Time for another Swift invention: the electric hydrolung. Mark Smith is a great reader, his recordings are always excellent. Thanks Mark!


(5 stars)

awesome book and great narration, I just wish that there were more books by this author there are well over 100 books between Victor Appleton and Victor Appleton II (Victor Appleton II however is actually various different authors) Here's the wiki link to the Tom Swift Jr page:,_Jr. The link to the main wiki entry for all of Tom Swift: Lastly the link to all of the Tom Swift books written including both public domain and non PD books: (yes this review is from my phone and the link's are .m. for ease the of those on tablets and phone's) Better than half of the series aren't in the public domain. However books #1-#25, and #39 of the original series are in PD, and a few others of the "Tom Swift Jr." series are also works in the PD. A quick look shows that Project Gutenburg has a total of 35 books written by Victor Appleton there may be a few more though.

This one is for children - maybe

(3 stars)

The narrator does a marvellous job, as usual. The story is weak, full of 1950s or 1960s cliches. The hero is a boy inventor who develops and builds new technology overnight. They try to find a missile at the ocean floor that contains information important enough to trigger several attempts on their lives, but the hero and his sidekick take time out for hikes or barn dances, to keep the girls happy. The girls are just giggling and forbid their boys to talk about work so the nice mood is not disturbed. Just light entertainment, I guess, too light for me. This may be written for children, but children would facepalm regularly. I give this three stars because of the excellent narration. The story would be one star.

Fun story

(5 stars)

This was read well and is a fun book to listen to, as are the other Tom Swift books.Lots of technical details for all of the electronic Geeks, lol.

(2.5 stars)

the first series was amazing. Based entirely in science and real world politics. this one is rediculous. the "science" is straight out of Buck Rogers and the enemy country completely fabricated


(5 stars)

well read by mark smith refreshing to have one of these stories to be read solo a good simple adventure story

Thanks again Mark Smith

(4 stars)

A nice fantasy juvenile adventure read by an excellent reader.


(4 stars)

Pretty good 😊 but it has basically no action.