For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem

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In all history, there is no drama of more terrible interest than that which terminated with the total destruction of Jerusalem. Had the whole Jewish nation joined in the desperate resistance made, by a section of it, to the overwhelming strength of Rome, the world would have had no record of truer patriotism than that displayed, by this small people, in their resistance to the forces of the mistress of the world.

Unhappily, the reverse of this was the case. Except in the defense of Jotapata and Gamala, it can scarcely be said that the Jewish people, as a body, offered any serious resistance to the arms of Rome. The defenders of Jerusalem were a mere fraction of its population--a fraction composed almost entirely of turbulent characters and robber bands, who fought with the fury of desperation; after having placed themselves beyond the pale of forgiveness, or mercy, by the deeds of unutterable cruelty with which they had desolated the city, before its siege by the Romans. They fought, it is true, with unflinching courage--a courage never surpassed in history--but it was the courage of despair; and its result was to bring destruction upon the whole population, as well as upon themselves.

Fortunately the narrative of Josephus, an eyewitness of the events which he describes, has come down to us; and it is the storehouse from which all subsequent histories of the events have been drawn. It is, no doubt, tinged throughout by his desire to stand well with his patrons, Vespasian and Titus; but there is no reason to doubt the accuracy of his descriptions. I have endeavored to present you with as vivid a picture as possible of the events of the war, without encumbering the story with details and, except as regards the exploits of John of Gamala, of whom Josephus says nothing, have strictly followed, in every particular, the narrative of the historian. (Summary from the text) (10 hr 51 min)


Preface and The Lake of Tiberias 30:18 Read by 3200runner
Chapter 2: A Storm On Galilee 36:26 Read by Joan Freeman
Chapter 3: The Revolt Against Rome 36:05 Read by Joan Freeman
Chapter 4: The Lull Before the Storm 27:55 Read by 3200runner
Chapter 5: The Siege of Jotapata 27:27 Read by 3200runner
Chapter 6: The Fall of the City 39:11 Read by Dory
Chapter 7: The Massacre On The Lake 27:30 Read by Dory
Chapter 8: Among The Mountains 33:12 Read by Dory
Chapter 9: The Storming of Gamala 35:55 Read by Joan Freeman
Chapter 10: Captives, part 1 25:56 Read by Dory
Chapter 10: Captives, part 2 26:09 Read by Dory
Chapter 11: A Tale of Civil Strife 29:38 Read by Dory
Chapter 12: Desultory Fighting 36:34 Read by Dory
Chapter 13: The Test of Devotion 34:46 Read by Dory
Chapter 14: Jerusalem 31:57 Read by Dory
Chapter 15: The Siege Is Begun 32:25 Read by Dory
Chapter 16: The Subterranean Passage 31:48 Read by Dory
Chapter 17: The Capture of The Temple 31:37 Read by Dory
Chapter 18: Slaves 37:26 Read by Dory
Chapter 19: At Rome 38:56 Read by Dory


(4 stars)

Great book, didn’t like it switching between different readers.

Solid Historical Fiction

(5 stars)

I really enjoy historical fiction, and this one has it all: references to real people and events mixed with an action-packed story and likable characters who bring life to potentially dry facts. I was privileged to be one of the readers on this project, and I will be looking for more like this one.

Taught Me

(5 stars)

This book taught me so much history of which I was unaware. Henty's style of historical fiction makes history so much more interesting. His masterful portrayal of fictional characters woven into historical information, helps me to stay interested, and entertained while learning.

Another great work by G A Henty

(5 stars)

Another great story by this author filled with adventure, close escapes with plenty of twists and turns in the plot, and always filled with virtue. the readers did a great job.

Rousing good tale

(4 stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed. During is a fine reader!