The Story of Napoleon

Read by Patrick Saville

(4.4 stars; 215 reviews)

This book gives an exciting account of Napoleon's rise to power. It opens with his humble beginning on the island of Corsica and ultimately emperor of over half of Europe. This book focuses on his victorious military campaigns, his disastrous Russian campaign, his exile to the island of Elba, his final loss at Waterloo, and his last days on the lonely island of St. Helena. Summary by pjcsaville. (2 hr 5 min)


Napoleon in School 11:48 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon an Officer 15:52 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon in Egypt 13:16 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon as Consul 11:08 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon as Emperor 10:58 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon and Prussia 10:52 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon in Spain 16:00 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon in Russia 13:17 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon Emperor of Elba 10:39 Read by Patrick Saville
Napoleon's Last Battle 11:47 Read by Patrick Saville


Very good, concise. Learning of the entire life of a great man in a broad strok…

(5 stars)

Very informative.

(5 stars)

Brief but very interesting and apparently well researched details of the life this powerful historical figure. The reader really brought the book to life for me with his excellent tone and cadence.

excellent introductory to one of history's prominent men

(5 stars)

great read. enjoyed it.

perfect for children

(4 stars)

A bit too brief for adults


(5 stars)

I short easy book excellently read

(3 stars)

It's been a while since I've reading on this historic figure. I believe this more or less glorified his reign. But its short enough to brush up on history. Narrator was easy to listen to.

(4 stars)

great narrative. a couple mispronounced words set my teeth on edge but otherwise

good short story of Napoleon

(5 stars)

Lessons I learnt from this amazing story. 1) Be bold and believe in yourself. 2) if people don't crown you, feel free to crown yourself a king 3) when you're weak don't fight. 4) Anticipate disaster before they arise.. 5) if you want to be a king, you must be worth being a king by following the process..