The Lion of Saint Mark: A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century

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(4.7 stars; 74 reviews)

"Of all the chapters of history, there are few more interesting or wonderful than that which tells the story of the rise and progress of Venice."
And thus begins another swashbuckling adventure by G. A. Henty. The great city-state is in trouble from Genoa and other neighboring cities, and of course it's up to a young English lad to save her! Kidnappings, sea battles, dangerous adventures of all sorts and even a little romance combine to make this one of Henty's most exciting novels. Climb aboard and join us for an adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat! (Summary by Rachel) (11 hr 59 min)


Preface 2:01 Read by Rachel
Venice 30:55 Read by ChessKnight
A Conspiracy 32:24 Read by ChessKnight
On the Grand Canal 35:18 Read by Romano
Carried Off 38:26 Read by Deon Gines
Finding a Clue 34:45 Read by Elizabeth Miller
The Hut on San Nicolo 37:05 Read by Elizabeth Miller
On Board a Trader 35:39 Read by Elizabeth Miller
An Attack by Pirates 36:58 Read by Deon Gines
The Capture of the Lido 37:42 Read by Romano
Recaptured 37:44 Read by Linda Johnson
The Battle of Antium 41:24 Read by Linda Johnson
In Moncenigo's Power 36:22 Read by Linda Johnson
The Pirates' Raid 35:34 Read by Linda Johnson
The End of the Persecutor 36:16 Read by Linda Johnson
The Battle of Pola 36:31 Read by Linda Johnson
The Recapture of the Pluto 36:08 Read by Linda Johnson
An Ungrateful Republic 33:36 Read by Linda Johnson
The Release of Pisani 39:13 Read by Linda Johnson
The Seige of Chioggia 37:03 Read by Linda Johnson
The Triumph of Venice 28:33 Read by Linda Johnson


(4 stars)

One of my favorite Henty books. Most of the readers are great (especially the last), but one I was thankful only did a couple chapters.


(4 stars)

Great story as are all of G A Henty’s writings. The first reader was not so polished as was the final reader.

typical Henty

(4 stars)

a good listen against an historic background unknown to me. and well read too.

(5 stars)

one of the more exciting Henty novels - excellent listen

(5 stars)

Great story! Excellent readers with exception of one.